Slaves Don’t Get a Summer Vacation


A Former Child Slave (courtesy of Free the Slaves)Summer holiday is just finishing up for those of us who live in North America.  And while that means longer days, sleeping in and enjoying more time with our friends, there are millions and millions of people for whom it’s just another season of slavery.  Slaves don’t get a break during the summer, and their oppressors don’t take one. Children have been oppressed this summer.  Boys, girls, men and women will slave away long hours under someone else’s control.  Sex traffickers will buy and sell people to be abused day and night.

So, what can you do about it?  Start making plans now to launch Loose Change to Loosen Chains at your school or church this summer or in the fall.  Also, check back in next week at this time when I write about an idea for students and adults to use their purchasing power to help make a difference. 

Seek justice!

[photo by Kay Chernish – TIP Office]


6 thoughts on “Slaves Don’t Get a Summer Vacation

  1. Hey Zach!
    I’m excited to see you starting a blog and may God bless it as well as all the other work you are doing. Even for published writers like yourself, having a blog refines writing skills and the feedback is always nice as well.

    Another daunting thing is that while we are safe in our beds at night, so many girls and women have no rest. My heart is with them and it’s such a reminder to pray for them. We praise God for what He has given us and we pray for the others whom have not received our blessings.

    God bless you and may you glorify Him more each day!

  2. madylin

    hey, I’m 12 and I am just so inspired you know I don’t even remember when or where I first saw your blog but I knew as soon as i clicked on it that it was one that I wanted to follow and usually I don’t read peoples blog’s they are boring and pointless but yours was something else 🙂

  3. Sydney

    your amazing ZAch Hunter! i read your books i’m trying to make a differace too. Thanks for letting me get the chance! See you in heaven someday:)

  4. Cedric

    Hello Zach, my name is Cedric Welton. I am a researcher and representative for In Discussion World talk radio and President and Host David Gibbons would like for you to feature in our heroes series discussion. You would be accompanied by Susan Anthony, Karen Silkwood, Daniel Ellsberg, Danny Sheehan, and hopefully John Crowley and Robin Williams. Your participation has been greatly requested by Susan and we would love to have you involved in this dynamic series. Please contact me asap my email is

  5. Hey Zach, I just asked to be your friend on FaceBook. Yes, Mercy is my real name. 🙂 My calling is India and all the things associated/hurting her and her people, which, as you know, involves human trafficking. I started reading up on it the other day because of a paper I’m doing for a class and it caught me again. I am also a writer. (I would love to go in and get the stories of the people in person!) (lot of decision-making (career-wise) associated with that.) I’m rambling. Anyway, high-five for what you’re doing! There is little out there on human trafficking, and I want to add to it/join the ranks of soldiers. Not sure how to do it yet, but I really want to go in and get the story from the inside. 🙂 I’m in Idaho, let me know if you ever need something or even a place to stay out here!

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