Hey Friends, This weekend I’m speaking at an event for Hillsong United in Miami.  It has me reminiscing about a trip I took to Australia a few years ago to attend a similar event in Sydney.  Here’s some journaling/blogging I did from that visit.  Wish I could have taken some friends from the States along to enjoy this incredible time.


I’m on a 747 on my way to the Land of Oz… tralia. They’re about a half a day ahead of us so I’ll be losing time as I travel.  It’s a LONG flight from Atlanta but it’s going to be a great trip!

A couple of years ago I met the guys from Hillsong United at a music festival.   Aside from being really cool guys, they are also passionate about following Jesus and loving the poor. Joel Houston, one of the leaders of the worship band has become a bit of a friend (or “mate” as they call them in Australia) and worked it out for me to come and speak at their annual youth event, Encounterfest.   I’ve only been out of the country a couple of times and this is definitely the farthest from home I’ve ever been (I mean- you can’t really get much farther… unless you wanted chill with Adele penguins in Antarctica)

I don’t know how many of you have a passport.  Mine just has a couple of stamps in it.   People joke about your passport picture  — how the customs agents have to squint when they look at your picture to see the resemblance because the pictures are typically so bad and distorted (think of what you look like before a sneeze… yeah).   Your passport is a record of where you’ve been, shows where you’re from, and where you want to go.  When you go through customs you have to state the purpose for your journey.    It’s an interesting allegory for real life and our reputations.  We’re the traveler, the Holy Spirit our companion and our friends and acquaintances the customs agents.   We need to be prepared to ask ourselves if we’re really who we say we are.  If someone were to “stamp” where we’ve been, either in our heads or literally, would it be consistent with where we say we want to go and the purpose for our journey? Would the places we’ve gone be considered honorable?  Would our “passport” match up with who we say we want to be? 


Looking forward to seeing what God does this weekend in Miami.  Until then, I’ll catch you mates later!


8 thoughts on “Passport

  1. Lauren

    Those are very thought provoking questions. It’s encouraging to see people my age outside of my circle of friends examining themselves and holding themselves to God’s standards, not the often misplaced standards of Christian culture. So often I see people caught up in the Do Hard Things trend who forget the most important work, the heart work before God. It’s saddening but also challenging to consistently live purposefully. Okay, now that I’ve written a small book, keep up the good work, grieving over sin, Bible studying, growing, glorifying God. thanks for representing Christ with your platform.

    Psalm 37:5 “Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him, and he will act.”

  2. Awesome insight. So often we judge ourselves by our intentions and not by what we actually exhibit in our lives. Provokes all of us to ‘consider our ways'(Haggai 1:4-6)Be blessed!

  3. Kellie

    Heyy Zach, i think what you’ve done and what you are doing is amazing. My friend is a HUGE fan and is actually working to end human traficing herself. A dream of hers is to meet you and i know im pretty much asking for the impossible but if you could e-mail me back, it would mean so much! Anything is possible with Christ, right?

    Okay, well thank you and i hope to hear from you. God bless 🙂

  4. Alo

    I have read your 1st book, in the beginning i hated reading. so i made all the excuses not 2 read the book, so now i love reading i read ur book inside out! also im starting 2 read ur other 1s. i will like 2 meet u some day around FL. i would like 2 join the Loose Change 2 Loosen Chains. Alo.

  5. bethany

    hi, i was just praying with my little six-year-old romanian ‘brother’ about slave labor and these horrible things going on in the world, that we so often believe we are helpless to do anything about.. and he would like to say something to you…

    “Take care of the children, what are their names? And take them to a place where people can’t do anything to them.and they are jesus’ children. and that they can go to heaven with jesus. “

  6. Jord

    Hi Zach. I first learnt about you went having to complete a Religion assignment on modern day prophets and decided to do mine on you and your work after researching you. I have to say, as a 14 yr old student, you have inspired me to believe that anything is achieveable when you put your mind to it and that just because you are young and still at school, that doesn’t mean that you can’t contribute to making the world a better place. I have been in awe reading about your achievements and congratulate you on your work, I still can’t believe that you are now only 20 and have achieved so much!! Well done, you are an inspiration to students around the world!!

    ❤ jord of australia

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