Winter Wonder


Christmas time. Every year, for a short period of time, our inner child is given permission to come out of their room. This time of year, the lights are brighter, and the fragrances call up memories deeply imprinted in our hearts. This time of year, our yards are Hallmark cards, and our love is a black-and-white movie. Jesus is born and a Child is King.  

Some of the most likeable and fascinating people I know are those that have retained this sense of childlike wonder beyond the season. In our educational system and in our churches, this sense of wonder seems to be starched, ironed, and conjugated right out of us. The wonder of God inventing light, matter, water, and companionship becomes a “Story.” The brilliance of a sunset, the “bigness” of things, the vastness of space and the need to see every side of something, to take it all apart; is left in exchange for “growing up.”

I’m not saying that maturity is not something to be reached and earned, only that wonder is almost as rare as seeing a man take responsibility for his actions. Some of the best and most-loved entertainers and businesspeople have been people that stayed in touch with their “inner child.” This Christmas can be a time when you reconnect with your own innocence and creativity: an act of worship where we take our place in the Universe under the guiding hand of a massive Creator who stuffed his greatness into human form as a baby to demonstrate his love for us. Where wonder is alive and a Child is King.

The impossible is realized. Wonder is alive.


9 thoughts on “Winter Wonder

  1. Wow, Zach. This is deep and so true. We really need to distinguish the difference between the opposing angles of “maturity.” Not to mention the child-like faith that is necessary for us to inherit the Kingdom. Thanks for keeping us in check — this gives me a lot to ponder! It makes me enjoy my snow-blanketed yard even more than I already am. 🙂

  2. Wonder is a precious gift. To not celebrate the smallest, most seemingly “menial” parts of life is, I believe, the most sad of affairs. Christmas comes but one day a year, yet snow could be celebrated for the few months that it is with us. Church may happen once a week, but God’s glory is around us every day in big and small ways.

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