Global Human Trafficking Awareness Day


Definition of critical mass: a size, number, or amount large enough to produce a particular result. (Merriam-Webster Dictonary)


Let me ask you a question: if 27 million people across the world simultaneously contracted Cholera, wouldn’t that be on the front page? If there was an epidemic  that effected this many people and we had the cure,what would we do about it? There are an estimated 27 million people in slavery around the world today.  50 Percent of those, are children. From a criminal standpoint, this is a brilliant endeavor. A resource that you can continue to use over and over again.The trade of human beings is the second most lucrative crime on the face of the earth: 32 billion dollars. That’s more than the worth of Google, Starbucks, and Nike combined.

Which is why it’s beyond all reason that anyone could still say that they, “had no idea” about slavery. With all the movies that are out on this topic and all the news stories, and all the blogs and T-shirts and kitsch — how can we help but know about the atrocity that is the trade in humans?  We need to reach critical mass on this issue. In the words of William Wilberforce,

“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

Get informed. Work your network. Use your voice. Exploit your influence. Until everyone knows.



1. Post to your Facebook page, Tweet about it, write a blog, text your friends. Help reach critical mass.

2. Sponsor a child with Compassion International – when a child is rescued from poverty they are much less likely to be exploited.

3. Join the Facebook page for Loose Change to Loosen Chains. This year we’ll be focusing on prevention and demand. We need your help.


3 thoughts on “Global Human Trafficking Awareness Day

  1. Zach…you are absolute right…none of us can say we don’t know. And since we know, none of us can stand by and do nothing! I call upon eveyone, especially the youth…your generation, to be the ones to rise up and say “not on my planet…not in my lifetime…it stops with me!”
    Sadly much of that slavery is the heart breaking evil of child sex traffic!

  2. Great post!

    I was wondering if you would be interested in writing an article about the slaves health status for my blog, which is also on wordpress. Please contact me (

    Thank you so much for the work you are doing. May God bless you and your work!
    in Christ,
    Chris R.

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