I had a cool idea and it’s called ArtTap


What is?

ArtTap has 2 functions: 

1. To expose the world to amazing video, art, and design.

2. To give great artists the exposure they deserve.

We’re a small team of artists seeking to make the world a better place through beauty and creativity. We scour the internet for the best possible artistic content we can find and deliver it to your eyeballs via TheArtTap.com. We’re different from most curated content sites because we always credit the original artist and we commit to fighting manipulative “click-bait” headlines.

As artists, we’re somewhat lacking in the money department. That’s why we need your help to bring as much beauty to the world as possible through the interwebs.

What We Need & What You Get

First, we need to pay our people, in this case, there are just two of us: Zach and Jordan. Zach is a published author and the former (first) content curator for the fastest growing website in the history of the internet. He makes electronic music in his spare time and is a lover of poetry. Jordan is a graphic designer and illustrator who’s worked for some pretty big-deal peoples including the US ARMY (imagine that). He also enjoys trivia and Saturday morning cartoons. In order to devote enough time to bringing you the best stuff that’s out there, we need a little moolah.

We also need to create the bones of the site in a way that allows us to put new stuff up all the time so you get the best, newest, creative content we can find! There’s a lot that goes into creating a website that can bear the load of what we’re talking about, so we need to pay some really smart people to make that for us.

And, last but not least, we want to take this to the corners of the earth (even though the earth is round). In short, we’re going to launch a massive marketing campaign so people everywhere know about what you helped us start.

Speaking of giving us money, we have tons of exciting perks for people who donate. These include custom art, expert marketing help, and a free download of the ever-growing ArtTap Soundtrack, which features a bunch of songs from indie artists (we’ll update you every so often on new artists who jump on board).

The Impact

First of all, ArtTap can make your life more beautiful (if you believe in the power of art) and keep you in the know about new movements in the art world. Plus, we don’t believe in Click Bait.

You’ve probably seen headlines like this: “This Video Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity” or “You Won’t Believe Your Eyes When…” (Whatever).
We don’t do that. If we genuinely think something is “The Best ________ Ever” we’ll tell you, but we want to be honest with you. Our headlines will be succinct, descriptive, and tell you exactly what you’re looking at. Who knows, maybe we’ll start a movement?

Second, we believe in giving credit where credit is due: to the original artist. Every. Time.

Risks & Challenges

Our main competition: there are a lot of sites that try to do what we’re talking about, but what we haven’t seen are 2 very important components to making any art site a success. 

1: Start by believing in and mobilizing awesome people (that’s you!). We like you and we want to keep you. You’re the kind of person that checks ArtTap every evening after school or work (or during) and you’re what it’s all about

2. Sharing the love with artists. We want to provide exposure to artists who don’t have much by hosting a “Tap of the Week” in our banner from artists who submit their work to us. We’ll include an exclusive written or video interview with a new artist each week and link back to their website.

Just because we have great ideas doesn’t mean we won’t have challenges. That’s why we’ve surrounded ourselves with smart businesspeople and experienced creatives who can help us navigate the shark-infested waters of curated and viral content sites.

Let’s be honest, there are tons of sites that are trying to do what we’re starting, but the key word is trying. We aim to succeed at doing something that’s never really been done.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are short on cash right now, don’t worry! We are, too! But if you care about the arts or just think we seem pretty cool, here are a couple of things you can do to help out:

·  Share about our campaign on Facebook and Twitter at least once a week! Tell your friends what you think is cool about this idea and how they can be involved for just $5!

·  Use Indiegogo sharing tools to get the word out!

Thanks so much for reading. Let’s make the world more beautiful together.

Found out how here: ArtTap!

Zach Hunter



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