BE A MAN! (it’s not what you’d think)


To all the guys out there: someone needs to tell you to man up.


But, I want to tell you that being a man has nothing to do with how you look or whether you cook or play football. It doesn’t matter whether you wear pink all the time or camouflage; if your favourite movie stars Bruce Willis or shows on Hallmark; if you do yoga or MMA or ballet.

I can’t believe that adults have to be told this: but the standard for who you are as a man and a human has little or nothing to do with your appearance or interests contrasted with the traditions of the culture in which you were raised. Don’t listen to the voices tugging on your identity in different directions if they limit your effectiveness in loving God and your neighbor. Brothers, true manliness is power under control. Exhibit self-control. Be a man.ChapterMemes_iii

To read more on this kind of self-control, check this out:


Five keys to bringing hope


Sometimes I get asked about the steps someone should take in launching an effort to bring relief and hope to the world.  As though there’s a special formula for investing your time and resources to make a difference. I’ve seen all kinds of campaigns come and go – but here are five simple keys I put on my Twitter account last week that seem to be universal when we talk about bringing hope.

Do you have others? I’d appreciate hearing them in the comment section.


1.  Stop arguing over petty things. What was your last argument about?Self-focused or others-focused.

2. Put away selfish ambition.

3. Ask how you can help rather than forcing your plans.

4. Listen and learn. Investigate history,seek counsel,take the best and humbly run with it.

5.  Courage not to look the other way.Let the troubles of the world move you.You are the someone.Today is the day.